light-828547_960_720When people hear we are event and/or meeting planners, they assume that we get to have fun and attend parties all the time. The reality is that although event planning can be rewarding when you look at the happy couple on their wedding day or the look on your clients face after a very successful meeting…the planning process is not always easy. There are certain traits an individual must hold to help facilitate the coordination of multiple events at once.

    1. Attention to detail
      • Why? You don’t want to be embarrassed or feel pressured about forgetting a small detail that could cause a delay or inconvenience on the actual event date. Small details, such as failing to have a cake knife readily available when it’s time to cut the cake or forgetting to check with your client if they would like umbrellas for their outdoor event on a very sunny day, could leave a negative impression.
      • Tip: Make sure to pay attention to the little details. Make a checklist to help you through the process. Look up the weather, and anticipate any needs for your client’s event.
    2. Ability to listen and understand the client’s goals
      • Why? You never want to miss any important details your clients ask from you.
      • Tip: Always have a pen and paper available when you are meeting with your client. We can’t remember everything people tell us, but it is easier if we keep a record of our conversations. Always write everything down when meeting with your client. If you are not completely clear about something, don’t be shy and risk missing an important detail. Politely ask them to repeat themselves and reiterate in your own words to be sure you have understood correctly.
    3. Remain calm under the storm
      • Why? You do not want to stress or worry your client or guests EVER. You want them to continue enjoying their event, while you work to fix any pop-up issues behind the scenes.
      • Tip: Never let a frown escape for your client or attendees to see. Always remain calm and composed, with a beautiful smile on your face.
    4. Creatively solve problems
      • Why? As an event planner, it is always our responsibility to make sure the event is successful. Although it is not always possible to control everything and everyone, we must be prepared to fight against the odds so the event continues to go as planned.
      • Tip: Always double inspect everything, and have someone else check for you too! Prior to the event, brainstorm on any potential threats, and have plan B C, and D ready to take action in case of any emergency.