As meeting planners, most of the time we cover two roles. We are the service providers to our clients, but we are also the client to venues such as hotels. It is very important not to forget proper email etiquette when communicating with different people. It does not matter what role we occupy; we must always remain professional.

  • Be friendly but not too friendly
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Don’t let your negative emotions show
  • Don’t be condescending towards your client or customer
  • If you don’t completely agree with some changes, be courteous and don’t be demeaning. Tone definitely shows through email conversations, and it may cause your client to have no desire to work with you
  • It is your job to be available for your client. Don’t make them chase you. Be responsive or at least provide a date when you will have an answer. Follow up and let them know you haven’t forgotten about them
  • No one likes to think they are less important than others so don’t make them feel that way